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A handy location in Copthorne makes our car body shop and accident repair centre easily accessible from the nearby areas of Crawley and East Grinstead. Dent repairs and bumper repairs are undertaken at our fully equipped workshop using practices which combine traditional accident repairs with more recent SMART repair innovation.


If you regularly use a supermarket or public car park in Crawley or East Grinstead, it will only be a matter of time before you’ll be coming to see us about dent repairs, bumper repairs or scratch repairs. Unfortunately, other motorists won’t afford the same care to your vehicle as you do, and public places are where many dents, scuffs and scratches occur.



An Insight into Dent Repairs


Crawley and East Grinstead motorists come to see us for dent repairs thinking that the processes used will be exactly the same as those seen with major accident repair work but this isn’t always the case. While larger dent repairs will possibly lead to the fitting or a new panel or skin, smaller dent repairs tend to be less of a problem.


We are one of the most innovative accident repair centres covering the Crawley and East Grinstead areas. If it is possible to do so, we consider paintless dent repairs where rods are strategically positioned to the rear of the dent and lifted outwards. In many cases, we can perform very small dent repairs without needing any type of paintwork at all.


Based on the point of impact, dent repairs can also be performed for our Crawley and East Grinstead customers using localised repair systems. The dent will be repaired in a more traditional style using a dolly and flip or body filler. Once primed and flatted, dent repairs are completed by blending colour on the damaged panel but not those adjacent to it.



Bumper Repairs Save Money on Full Replacements


Take a look at the front and rear bumpers of cars on the road around Crawley and East Grinstead and you’ll notice most are made of plastic. Unfortunately, they tend to crack easily on impact and bumper repairs are often overlooked by insurers in favour of a replacement. This makes repair costs more expensive and insurance premiums higher.


Because of our progressive approach to all types of car body repair work, bumper repairs can be undertaken on damaged, cracked and split surfaces without having to order in an entire replacement. Modern plastic repair systems can be used to rectify the damage for our Crawley and East Grinstead clients. This makes our bumper repairs less costly.


In many cases, bumper repairs actually result in the panel being stronger than it was at the time of manufacture. While it’s sometimes difficult for road users in Crawley and East Grinstead to avoid replacements altogether, we can usually perform bumper repairs when the split or damaged area is of a small to intermediate size.


Dent repairs and bumper repairs are available to motorists in Crawley and East Grinstead at a fair and competitive price.